Thursday, September 17, 2015

Backpacking Blue Canyon Lake, Deadman Lake and Leavitt Peak.

Deadman Lake
Last weekend involved a nice hike up Leavitt Peak from Deadman Lake on the west side.  It was a challenging hike of 9 miles round trip with about half of it involving cross country hiking and climbing up a ridge.  Deadman Lake is starkly beautiful and well above tree line.  After the hike a wonderful trail gate repast of delicious foods and some beer filled our bellies. Then we ended up hiking backup from the cars at Sonora pass to Blue Canyon Lake to spend the night.

The views were smoky due to the Butte Fire, which was burning quite heavily that weekend.  It was a cloudy night and a new moon.  The darkness was deep and the silence at the lake was amazing.  At time it felt like being in an isolation cell with no light and no sound, but in a good way.  Then in the morning the reflections on the lake were beautiful and birds were flying all around us, including two ducks floating on the lake.  This lake is only 2 miles and 1200 feet of elevation gain from Sonora Pass highway.  A nice, quick escape from civilization!

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